Sung Dynasty Costume Dump

The Sung Dynasty (960 AD-1279AD) was a time of great cultural and technological progress in China ( It was during this period that China first started developing the first bombs and firearms, as well as the printing press and many other inventions ). Fashions were more modest and conservative than those of the preceding Tang Dynasty.


Wealthy ladies playing a game.

Poor woman spinning yarn.

Another poor woman spinning yarn

Sung era servant girls.

Special gown worn only by royal ladies




Sung dynasty government officials are instantly recognizable because of the unusually long “ears” on their wusha caps. Legend says the these long eared hats were created to keep ministers from whispering in each others’ ears.  The robes of Sung government officials were either purple, red, green, or blue depending on the rank of the official. Their design was relatively plain.

Portrait of a Sung emperor in official garb.

Diagram of a government official’s robe and undershirt.

High-ranking ministers


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