Ming Dynasty Costume Dump

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was the first native Chinese dynasty after centuries of foreign rule under the Yuan (Mongol) dynasty. It was during the Ming dynasty that most of the Great Wall of China as we know it was constructed. It was also during the Ming era that bombs, muskets, and rockets became standard weapons of war. But because of the rise of the west, and China’s inability to keep up technologically, the Ming dynasty was also China’s last great Dynasty.


Pleated skirts became very popular for both men and women during the Ming dynasty.


Ming officials are distinguished by their short-eared caps and robes with buzi or embroidered insignia on the torso.

Buzi insignias differed according to rank. There were nine insignias for civil officials, nine for military officials, and four for eunuchs. Below are the nine civil insignias.

 Casual dress for officials and scholars



Ming cavalryman

Heavily armored commander

Elite guard


Ming Generals and noblemen

Ming rocketeers


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