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Tang Dynasty Costume Dump

Posted in Tang Dynasty with tags on February 28, 2010 by chinesecostumes

The Tang Dynasty (618 AD – 907 AD)  is considered China’s  golden age, and the extravagant costumes of the time reflect that.


Tang ladies wore very decorative costumes and hairstyles. They also showed more skin than the women of other dynasties and made very liberal use of cosmetics (examples of Tang make-up styles below).



Government officials of Tang times, like officials of most Chinese dynasties, were distinguished by their government robes (which usually had some kind of insignia on them that displayed their rank) and their “rabbit ear” caps, called Wusha hats, which were made of black stiffened gauze.  The Wusha hats of Tang times had “ears” that drooped downward.  This style of Wusha cap continued to be popular among scholars even after the Tang dynasty.

Tang emperor Taizong in government official dress.

Tang Emperor Gaozu in government official garb

A high ranking military official of Tang times.